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Current Music:goddamit journey.
Subject:meh...another survey...as always
Time:07:02 pm
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant...today=awesome.
A - Age you lost your virginity?
too young.

B - Band listening to right now?
last thing i listened to was Journey.

C - Dream car?
i would really like my Patty Mayonaise back...

D - Dads name?

E - Easiest person to make laugh?
Usually your mom laughs at all my jokes. we tell stories to each other and have a ball. good times good times.

F - Food you miss most?
this is a fat person question...but probably french toast.

G - Any encounters with ghosts?
sort of.

H- Person most hated at the moment?
i'm too happy right now.

I - Interesting unknown fact about yourself?
i'm not really gay.

J- The first letter of the last person who broke your heart?
my heart is most definately not broken.

K - Kissing with eyes opened or closed?
who kisses with their eyes open?

L - Last time you did LSD?
At about 6.30 this morning.

M - Most memorable moment you can think of in a minute?
does today count? or warped tour.

N - Nicknames?
P-gay. P-dizzle. danglookathatsexylady.

O - What's your most valued possession?
probably everything in my memory box, all of my photos. my cds.

P - Position of choice?

Q - The last quote you heard:
Not all who wander are lost.

R - What are you allergic to?

S - Song you sang last?
Still Journey.

T - Time you woke up?

U - Fav. pair of underwear?
my penguin underwear.

V - Vegetable you hate most?
sweet potatoes. squash.

W - What are you the most afraid of?

X - X-rated love life?
is that a yes or no question? or does it want details? all i know is that samantha likes butt sex.

Y - Year you were born?

Z - Zodiac sign?
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Current Music:b 52's "rock lobster"
Subject:im tired of this
Time:08:37 pm
Current Mood:optimisticirresistable....
yes livejournal. a whole lot of not updating going on here.
im supposed to be writing an english paper right about now.
but whatever

so i will still be in high school next semester.
as a result of a whole lot of lack of money, i cant graduate early.

yes my college education will just have to wait one more semester.

maybe i will get a little bit of hope (scholarship).

hey honey hold my hand and hope for heaven.
i cant decide on what mood im in.
i kinda love life.
kinda hate it.
either way...
dont stop believing.
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Current Music:"elevator" boxcar racer.
Subject:im retarded.
Time:08:58 pm
Current Mood:lovedloved
yes this is retarded.

Part Passionate Kisser

For you, kissing is about all about following your urges
If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story
You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses
A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble

Part Romantic Kisser

For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance
You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea
The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood
It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

also i went to the warped tour, saw travis barker, loved noah, talked to boys night out vocalist, made fun of him and his shirts, saw boys night out, realized i made fun of vocalist, died, came back to life just in time to go to six flags and love rollercoasters.
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Current Music:nothing but blue skies.....
Subject:Here it goes.........
Time:12:38 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
well i havent updated in a while but i'm back. Things have been kinda lame recently.
but at least i've got a car and a job now.
Just a few more months till i'm 18.
Then there's that whole college thing...you know, the part where i graduate high school and then go to college and have to worry about money and getting good grades. yeah.

well not much to say.
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Time:07:48 pm
yes i am grounded right now.
not fun
Mildred 風車女孩
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Current Music:snoop doggy dogg.
Subject:blah more survey
Time:05:55 pm
Current Mood:sillystupid.
well i dont know why i waste my time filling these things out. i dont even honestly answer them. so just ignore yet another survey filled out by your local windmill girl.

First Name: Paisley
Middle Name: Rose
Birthday: October 3, 1987
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Fav color: rainbow!
Day/Night: Night
Fave Food: mexicano or chinese
Do you ever wish you had another name? no...why would i ever pretend that i had another name (especially mildred)
Do you like anyone? yes
Which one of your friends acts the most like you? all of them...they follow closely in my footsteps b/c they all adore me.
Who's the loudest? i dont believe in loudness (it doesnt exist)
Who have you known the longest of your friends? Madeline *cough*is gay*cough*
Who's the shyest: i dont believe in shyness (its against my morals)
Are you close to any family members? yeah, me and mira are like 1 soul in 2 bodies.
When you cried the most: hmmm....let me count them real quick.
What's the best feeling in the world: being loved, having intelligent conversations.
Worst Feeling: when people you love hurt you.
Let's walk on the: together through the fields, on the beach, by the moonlight....
Let's run through: the flowers, kick up the sand, uh....moonlight again. or something like that
Let's look: inside ourselves.
What a nice: package you have there, little boy.
Where did all the: cookies go?
Why can't you: love me like i love you baby? or something.
Silly, little: windmill girl.
Tell me: your sign baby.
Ran away from home: ive had intentions to, but it never worked out.
Pictured your crush naked: no, im not into that.
Skipped school: im too cool for school.
Broken someone's heart: i break hearts every night, baby!
Been in love: im in love every night baby!
Cried when someone died: yes.
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: i can have anyone i want bitch!
Done something embarrassing: nope, i dont believe in embarressment. i just blush b/c i want to.
Done a drug: no, im in dare.
Cried in school: too cool for school still.
Your Good Luck Charm: they're always after me lucky charms!
Person You Hate Most: meh....hate probably isnt a good thing to have...so no one.
Best Thing That Has Happened: being the best person alive.
Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip or a fruit sherbert of some sort.
WHO Makes you laugh the most: your mom.
Makes you smile: your mom's face.
Has A Crush On You: pretty much you do.
Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yes
Fallen for your best friend?: maybe..........
Made out with JUST a friend?: maybe.........
Kissed two people in the same day?: oooooh, you know i get lovin' all through the day....
Had sex with two different people in the same day?: see above
Been rejected: . NO. i dont believe in rejection (it doesnt exist)
Been in love?: this question was already asked.
Been used?: used and abused baby!
Done something you regret?: i dont regret things, life goes on either way. and if you dont like your past, you can make up a better one.
Cheated on someone?: thats right playa playa!
Been called a tease: only by your mom.
You touched?: Mira.
You talked to on the phone?: Noah
You hugged?: Mira
You instant messaged?: Noah
You kissed?: Noah
You yelled at?: Mira (just kidding)
Who text messaged you?: nobody likes me.
Who broke your heart?: Mira.
Who told you they loved you?: and of course, Mira.
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Current Music:meh....
Subject:go here
Time:01:48 pm
Current Mood:surprisedamazed
everybody should go here since its the best thing ever.

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Current Music:whatever the fuck i wanna listen to, bitch!
Subject:blah blah blah
Time:01:06 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcant describe how happy!
i am sitting here being gay...like always.

well yesterday i went to sundown. i cannot describe in real words how great that was. gahhhh. thats all i can say.

other than last night, everything has been pretty lame. summer is kinda boring. cant wait till october.
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Current Music:tv in other room
Subject:yes im posting again
Time:09:29 pm
Current Mood:pleasedpleased
i just gotta post this. i love this girl.

The true essence of self and state-of-being is getting the fukin idea out of your heads that you must be bricked into some type of label to be recognized for your beliefs. FUCK all the stupid shit society has bred you to believe. YOU are NOT a PUNK, YOU are NOT a GOTH, YOU are NOT a COFFEE DRINKIN' EMO ANTISOCIALITE!
YOU are NOT your true self if you are trying to fit or not fit into a fukin subcatagory of some lame characterization of a type of person that you think looks "cool" in a spiked mohawk and leather boots! FUCK being that guy...be you, for chrissakes! If you feel you hafta ask for assistance on how not to fit into a certain genre than you are missing the whole fukin point, genius! FUCK LABELS! FUCK the MEDIA! FUCK everything your bible thumpin' Congressmen are trying to tell you! FUCK your RIGHT WING FUKIN PARENTS! FUCK your PASTORS! FUCK ANTIABORTIONISTS! FUCK ANIMAL TESTING! FUCK your FRIENDS for not slapping you across the face for posting such a stupid comment! and FUCK you for your MTV comments! FOR FUCKSAKE are we ever going to fukin learn?
WHO GIVES A FUCK about your piddlyshit problems, think about your fukin rights that are sold on racks, exploitation, corporate manipuliation, poverty, food on your mutherfukin table! the roof on your house, the lack of medical coverage, overworked underpaid single mothers whose child is on Ritalin for a fukin lackey-ass diagnosis of some mythical disorder! THINK ABOUT THAT SHIT!!!
THINK about what you are gonna do tommorrow to steal your life back! What are you gonna do to make this day different from the last!?! What are you gonna do when you look in the mirror tommorrow and see a face, like that of a million people before it, thinkin the same mutherfukin thing....who the fuk am I and what am I doing with my life?
Please, do not be that guy.
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Current Music:total eclipse of the heart.....
Subject:why, hello there!
Time:06:49 pm
Current Mood:ditzymy eye hurts. not ina good way
yes i have returned from my stay in the beautiful city of Georgetown, KY. my cousin kelly is now happily married to the wonderful todd wiley. yes wiley. so i finally saw artemis and i love him so much. he's the cutest little baby in the whole world.
and he loves me too.

so i saw all my relatives and i slept in a hotel and i swam in the pool and now im about to eat dinner.

today i went to jarred's house and had some fun. noah and emerson were there. they gay as hell.

so thats all for now, folks!

see you guys later.
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[icon] the diary of Mildred the Windmill girl.
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